April 25, 2013

Things To Consider Before Ombre-ing Your Hair

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Ombre is one of the hottest hairstyles for the spring and summer time. It brightens up ones face and brings depth and dimension to your hair. And since it is spring, I decided to try out this trendy hairstyle myself. Below are a list of things I thought that everyone should consider before trying out this hairstyle.

  • Beginners problem:
    If you've never dyed or bleach your hair before, to get the best result you should consult a hairdresser. I've dyed and re-dyed my hair for years and years now, so I understand how and what these chemicals will do to my hair. For beginners, going to a salon and getting it professionally done will ensure you get the results you dream of.
  • Ombre = Bleaching hair:
    Whenever you are changing up your hair color, you are adding chemicals to your hair, which in turn will damage your hair. To achieve the ombre effect, bleaching and/or lightening your hair is required, this will damage your hair. If you don't want to damage your hair, you should reconsider trying out this hairstyle.
  • In for the long haul: 
    You should always consider if a type of look is age, work, and school appropriate. Bleaching your hair means stripping your hair of its natural hair color which means it is permanent. Therefore, you should consider if it is okay to have this hairstyle in your current environment.
  • Different Shades of Ombre:
    Not everyone has the same color hair or skin tone, therefore decide how light or how dark you want your ombre to be depending on your skin tone. Also, picture the type of ombre you want, is it the subtle type, or the more dramatic type? Whichever one your consider, know that it'll work for you and your skin tone beforehand. 

Now, check out my personal experience down below. . .

l'oreal  feria wild ombre for dark hair

i went for a more subtle gradient look than the model 

Also, remember if you are going to try this at home like me, research products and techniques beforehand and follow the directions on the box carefully! I love the results I received from L'oreal Feria Wild Ombre, a natural and subtle gradient ombre color. Not too dramatic but still perfect for spring.

Let me know what you think of the ombre trend!

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  1. Hello! what techniques would you reccomend to get it to blend and look so natural?

    1. Hi :) I recommend working from the ends of your hair and upwards to the desired length. Also, use more product near the ends of your hair and less as you work up. This way, the ends/bottom of your hair is exposed to more of the solution and for a longer period of time. I hope this helps :) Also, cut a small strand of your hair and try this out before hand to know how much time you want to keep the solution in your hair for. I did this since I didn't want my hair to turn out too blonde. If you try it let me know how it worked out for you! <3


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