February 1, 2014

DIY Bow Hairwrap or Headwrap

P o s t . b y    l    M i m i  

Headwraps or Hairwraps, are my favorite hair accessories to wear during the weekends, after work, or just when I'm feeling lazy! They can be found everywhere and I especially love the ones found at UO and small boutiques. Instead of shelling out $$ for each different pattern I loved, I tried making my own headwrap!

If you like the headwrap I wore above, lets DIY!

 . . . Materials needed . . . 

 Fabric  -  4"W x 24"L (Or an 1"-2" longer than size of head)
 Fabric  -  4"W x 16"L
Elastic  -  2" 
Sewing Kit / Sewing Machine

Lets get started....

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