February 1, 2014

DIY Bow Hairwrap or Headwrap

P o s t . b y    l    M i m i  

Headwraps or Hairwraps, are my favorite hair accessories to wear during the weekends, after work, or just when I'm feeling lazy! They can be found everywhere and I especially love the ones found at UO and small boutiques. Instead of shelling out $$ for each different pattern I loved, I tried making my own headwrap!

If you like the headwrap I wore above, lets DIY!

 . . . Materials needed . . . 

 Fabric  -  4"W x 24"L (Or an 1"-2" longer than size of head)
 Fabric  -  4"W x 16"L
Elastic  -  2" 
Sewing Kit / Sewing Machine

Lets get started....


Using 4" x 24" - For the band around your head. My the longest portion of my head to be 22 in diameter. I added 2 inches so I can pull it over my head later. The elastic will help tighten the headwrap to hug my head later.

Bow Tie Accessory

Using the 4" x 16" Fabric. We will make a bow that we can knot tie onto our headband / headwrap. I love this way since its adjustable and removable from the headwrap if desired. 

& so you have it! You can even make ears, or other shaped ties for your hairband. Get creative with it and personalize it!

Enjoy your hairwrap and let us know if you have any questions <3
And if you want to make a regular bow instead of tying it on your hairwrap try our other bow tutorial

And until next time . . .

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