March 10, 2014

Whitecaps and a Pop of Purple

P o s t . b y    l    R i t i k a
Hello there! I'm excited to share photos from a fun outing with my friend 
and very talented photographer Ann Nguyen of Lost & Found photography! 
To take advantage of our unusually hot winter, Ann took me to this beautiful, hidden gem of Orange County called Victoria Beach .
It's a secluded little cove with stacks of rocks, a pond and a big ethereal castle tower. How unusual for SoCal!

Notice how the tips of my hair are a bit wet? 
Just before we started taking photos, a big wave came and splashed me!
Luckily, the water felt great on this gorgeous, hot SoCal winter's day. 
Apparently, this happened to Ann during a previous shoot as well..., if you're thinking of checking out Victoria Beach, bring a bathing suit! :)

{dress: F21}
{sandals: Free People}

                        * <3 Ritika 


  1. so photogenic! i WILL use you as my model one of these days lol...but the beach idea has been taken. i will have to think of something else!

  2. Thank you! :) Let's go to a deep forrest filled with ancient red woods in norcal! Or urban city scape in SF!


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