May 28, 2014

Shop Review : Keeping Cool in Sammy Dress's Hot Crop Top

P o s t . b y M i m i & R i t i k a  

Hello and good day to you. :)  
We recently had the opportunity to try out a piece of clothing 
from and we are delighted to share our experience with you!

Sammy Dress is a wholesale online clothing store that offers really cute, trendy pieces. One of the first things you might notice from their website is just how jaw-droppingly low their prices are.
Some items are even as low as $5...seriously!

Of course, there are a few downsides to Sammy Dress as well. The company is based in China, so keep in mind that international shipping time will be longer than domestic websites. 
Still, it's definitely worth giving it a shot if you're not on a tight deadline. 
Their collection is pretty diverse, from sultry clubbing attire to cute colorful day tunics. 

We opted to try on their "Sexy Hollow Out Slimming Crop Top" in white (it comes in black too). We dressed it casually for a daytime, relaxed look. The same top can easily be paired with your favorite high-waisted skirt or shorts for a night out on the town as well.

The fabric was pretty thick and can be worn without a bra because there's built-in padding. 
This crop top only comes in one size, which luckily fit both of us. 
Carefully look at the measurements listed on their product page before you buy. It didn't seem like this crop top would fit every it's worth double checking.

Overall, it's a decent quality cute top at a wonderful price! 

May 26, 2014

Summer Styles: Maxi Skirt and Free Spirits

P o s t . b y Ritika 
One of my favorite ways to spend some downtime is to find a beautiful, peaceful place and collect my thoughts. Nothing quite consumes me with infinite gratitude like the charm of an open space in nature, a good book and great company.

There's so much effortless, natural beauty that surrounds us each day, there are so few reasons not to bask in the warm summer sun and hear the great Pacific ocean waves nearby.

On a leisure walk back from the sandy beach, we found the loveliest and cleanest tree that offered the most generous heaps of shade with beautiful dangling branches of leaves.
Right now, I'm obsessed with maxi skirts and crop tops. They're such a great pairing for summer. The freedom and versatility of a maxi skirt is unlimited. Whether you tuck in a button down blouse, throw on a comfy off-the-shoulder knit sweater or choose, my favorite, crop top, a colorful maxi skirt is always comfortable and breezy.

top: sweetheart neckline with sheer, floral lace off white crop top, Urban Outfitters
bottom: purple a-line maxi skirt, 
Irene's Story
For this outing, I chose my favorite off-white floral crop top with a sweetheart neckline and sheer floral sleeves and collar. I also paired it with a short-rimmed hat as well to protect myself from those UV rays.

May 24, 2014

Summer Styles : Hints of Bohemian

P o s t . b y l M i m i 

Summer's solstice is just around the corner and California is heating up for it. In preparation, we created casual summer looks paired with our current favorite trend - Bohemian - for those long warm summer days.  

dress: white lace-lined cardigan: light pink lace  boots: brown suede booties accessories: flower pendant, tassel necklace, rings & midi-rings

For my look, I paired my favorite lace cardigan with a white laced lined dress and some drown suede booties for a casual look. Topping off the look, I mixed in a flower pendant and gold tassel necklace along with some rings.   
Yet the main things I love about this trend, has got to be the effortlessly tousled hair and its carefree nature.

May 9, 2014

DIY Dreamy Dream Catcher

P o s t . b y   l   M i m i 

I remember the first time I was taught to make a dream catcher...
It was 8th grade Art class, 4th period, right after lunch. Of course it was also my favorite class that year. One day, our teacher told us we would be crafting our very own dream catcher. I still had that dreamcatcher until last year. Since then, I didn't know if I should purchase another one or what. So after some thought, I thought why not DIY it! Today, I'll share with you what I learned back in 8th grade, back in art class.

So lets begin today's class ;)....

. . . Materials Needed . . .
Tree branch or Metal/wood ring
Yarn or Fabric or String
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