. Ritika's penchant for writing .
. and .
. Mimi's eye for creativity .
. work together harmoniously to bring you .
  . Love J'adore .
a place to love and adore the simple things .
. . R I T I K A . .

. . . Adores . . .

*fall & winter & rain*
*reading & coffee*
*writing & traveling*

My fashion obsession is a budding  secret. My close family and friends would never call me a style diva...

But from as long as I can remember, I've admired gorgeous style blogs from afar...

 Starting Love J'adore with Mimi gives me an awesome outlet to discover my own unique style. (Oh, and maybe share a delicious dish or two along the way :) )

. . M I M I . .

. . . Loves . . .

going on adventures
trying new activities
arts and crafts
anything yellow and pastel
taking pictures
baking and cooking

Making things from scratch and from my own two hands have always been something I enjoy. &sharing it seems even more amazing... 

Ever since we meet, Ritika has been the best guinea pig (<3) for my creations. &now Love J'adore is a place where we can create and share with anyone who is interested. 
Thank you for taking the time to journey with us : )
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