June 29, 2013

Summer Beach Day Essentials

P o s t . b y    l    M i m i   

Summer has arrived! And I hope where ever your located, you have access to a pool of water! Luckily for me, California offers the big blue Pacific Ocean!

Here are my essentials for the perfect beach day....

June 11, 2013

Latest Obsession of Summer Whites!

P o s t . b y    l   R i t i k a

I love wearing whites and bright yellows this season. Here in SoCal, we had a nice, sunny dry heat this weekend. Lots of fun times exploring downtown cities and celebrating birthdays outdoors (water guns and all). It's kind of strange, but wearing white somehow adds a touch of confidence for me. 
It's uplifting, clean and really stands out on my dark skin. Same goes for yellow!

I've only made three purchases in the past two months (go me!): plain white tee at Gap (on sale), plane white long sleeved t-shirt from Old Navy -- both of which are so versatile -- and these pairs of white Nordstrom sandals (perfect for the office!). 

A few of my favorite, eye-catching whites at the shoppes I've been eyeing:

Suit Jacket at Mango $109.99
Found on Pinterest -- Can't find the shop, but cute white inspiration
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