May 26, 2014

Summer Styles: Maxi Skirt and Free Spirits

P o s t . b y Ritika 
One of my favorite ways to spend some downtime is to find a beautiful, peaceful place and collect my thoughts. Nothing quite consumes me with infinite gratitude like the charm of an open space in nature, a good book and great company.

There's so much effortless, natural beauty that surrounds us each day, there are so few reasons not to bask in the warm summer sun and hear the great Pacific ocean waves nearby.

On a leisure walk back from the sandy beach, we found the loveliest and cleanest tree that offered the most generous heaps of shade with beautiful dangling branches of leaves.
Right now, I'm obsessed with maxi skirts and crop tops. They're such a great pairing for summer. The freedom and versatility of a maxi skirt is unlimited. Whether you tuck in a button down blouse, throw on a comfy off-the-shoulder knit sweater or choose, my favorite, crop top, a colorful maxi skirt is always comfortable and breezy.

top: sweetheart neckline with sheer, floral lace off white crop top, Urban Outfitters
bottom: purple a-line maxi skirt, 
Irene's Story
For this outing, I chose my favorite off-white floral crop top with a sweetheart neckline and sheer floral sleeves and collar. I also paired it with a short-rimmed hat as well to protect myself from those UV rays.

It's perfect day to let the wind flow through your fabrics and hop from rock to rock on a tranquil beach. There are few reasons not to let your spirit 
run a little free--get out and get drenched in the gorgeous sunshine.
Cheer's to the start of a picture prefect summer!

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