May 9, 2014

DIY Dreamy Dream Catcher

P o s t . b y   l   M i m i 

I remember the first time I was taught to make a dream catcher...
It was 8th grade Art class, 4th period, right after lunch. Of course it was also my favorite class that year. One day, our teacher told us we would be crafting our very own dream catcher. I still had that dreamcatcher until last year. Since then, I didn't know if I should purchase another one or what. So after some thought, I thought why not DIY it! Today, I'll share with you what I learned back in 8th grade, back in art class.

So lets begin today's class ;)....

. . . Materials Needed . . .
Tree branch or Metal/wood ring
Yarn or Fabric or String

Note: I am using a old hairband that I secured into a ring. String used is yarn leftover from making a scarf. The best part of making dreamcatchers are to improvise and re-use old scraps and have fun with it. I think using bits and pieces of things make the best DIYs.

wrap your ring with the fabric or string
cover the ring completely

using waxed string OR floss
create a web around the ring by using half hitch knots

half hitch knot: going under and over (or vice versa)
after round 1, continuing around
but using loops made in round 1 instead of the ring

add beads and other ornaments while weaving

tie a secure knot when finished.

accessorize - adding feathers, beads, fabrics, and etc

finish off with a string loop ontop in to hang

Share us a picture of your Dream Catcher :)

and until next time...

a l w a y s . x . o .
. . . M i m i

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