April 24, 2013

Exploring Salt Lake City's Treasures

P o s t . b y    l   R i t i k a

Since Utah is heavily associated with Mormanism, a lot of people think there's not much to the community than that. After all, it's the Morman Mecca. Recently, I visited a couple of my friends over in Salt Lake City and was pleasantly surprised to find just how much the city had to offer (regardless of religion)!

When my dear friend Christina N. and I explored the streets of Salt Lake City, I discovered several amazing, not-so-hidden treasures of the city, including gorgeous architecture, art and quaint shops I couldn't help but fawn over. 

Come let me take you on a journey with me to the most beautiful corners of Salt Lake....

The jaw-dropping Cathedral of the Madeleine

cathedral of madeleine



The Salt Lake Temple (lit up like the Disneyland castle at night!)
I saw dozens of beds of colorful tulips, a cold weather plant
Angel Moroni playing the trumpet

All of Salt Lake City has maybe 2-3 Starbucks max! I fell in love with some of Salt Lake City's quaintest little mom & pop coffee shops.

Diva's Coffee is inside a green room!

It seemed as though every corner had a cute, unique coffee or pastry shop to sit, sip and chat! 

cafe on first

Then, we stumbled upon this unexpected feast for the eyes...

Graffiti art in downtown Salt Lake

Behind the wall is a 50 ft. mural of Virgin Mary 

More nearby graffiti art

My final highlight was the beautiful Salt Lake Capitol Hill...
Utah Capitol Hill

Inside the Capitol building we ran into an enchanting choir rehersal

Gorgeous snow capped mountains
So you see, Salt Lake is actually more than just a Mormon town. Do you have any favorite sites in Salt Lake City I might have missed? I didn't get a chance to make it out to the Great Salt Lake...more to explore on another visit!

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