April 4, 2013

Spring Styles: 5 Must Have Handbags

P o s t . b y    l    M i m i   

Handbags by far are my favorite accessories by far. They're versatile and can add personality to any outfit without looking over-done. Below are 5 different types of styles I find indispensable this spring.

1} Color : Bright Pastels

Pastels, in my mind, is always in. For this spring, bright pastels are a must have. It adds a pop of color to any  boring outfit.

marc jacobs q mini

2} Second Look : Statement

I absolutely adore anything that catches my eye for a second time. If it makes me turn my head, it must be something unique. Whether it be the color, shape, print, or style, a statement handbag is a necessity.

chanel 2013 two hoop handles

3} Travel Friendly : Tote

Spring is one of the busiest seasons with spring break,  music festivals, and vacations coming around the corner, making large handbags a necessity  This season, I find the "shopper tote" is the go-to handbag for days we need the extra space for all our belongings.

kate spade linen tote - 328
aldo seidenbecker - 40

4} Longer Days : Cross-Body

This is by far my favorite type of handbag - the cross-body. Small or large, it is the easiest to carry since it could be worn off the shoulder or across our body. I love using cross-bodies for day and dinner dates.

rebecca minkoff  5-zip - 195
steve madden bkenzee - 79

5} Less is More: Clutch 

Clutches are essential for those night adventures and romantic dates. Lately, clutches with cellphone slots have been more and more popular and , I think, is pure genius! I hate to have to worry about my belongings when I'm out having a great night, so the less the better!

tory burch envelope clutch - 295
mossimo smooth tassel clutch - 20

. . . and there you have it! My designer and its more affordable picks for this spring to summer seasons. Which spring styles do you love? 

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                       . . . M i m i  


  1. what do you think of the ubiquitous longchamp tote as a "must have" tote? worth buying one?

  2. Are you talking about the 'le pliage' tote? If so, I love its practical and every-day like timeless style. By 'worth', I personally think everyone has their own definition. Mine: if you love something enough, its worth it.

    x.o mimi

  3. I just love of the collection of handbags and clutches displayed above. Bags are one of the important accessories for women as they are the fashion statement for women and match with every outfit. I have a huge collection of tote bags. Recently I purchased an orla kiely bag for my daughter from Kilkenny shop. Kilkenny is one of the famous Irish websites for handbags and other accessories. For latest collection of bag visit the following URL:-

    1. Awww, thank you Maria! Amazing website, it has nearly everything imaginable! Thank you for sharing! And great choice for your daughter! I love Orla's signature sweat pea print! So fun!

  4. Girls who prefer living the jet-set lifestyle will get burberry uk bags designed using a fashionable blend of U . s . Southwest influences or amazing tropical elements.

    1. Agreed! :) Burberry have amazing bags for the jet-setters! Classic and sophisticated!

  5. Hey Mimi, You really have gathered all the crazy and most amazing designer handbags at one place. I'm feeling a great craving of buying all the handbags, But looking on other bags in my closet seems that I should wait for some time. I'm so quick when it comes to shopping, looking online stores and directly purchasing stuff is me. You can check the link of web store that I'm using, hope you'll find it useful.


    1. Thank you! Definitely useful Tyra! We love to know more about current trends around the world and especially the UK since Ritika and I still reminisce about our summer in England!


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