April 30, 2013

3 Ways to Wear Floral Leggings

P o s t . b y    l   R i t i k a

One of my favorite things about my mom is that she is absolutely clueless about fashion. It's really cute and funny how she'll pick out something totally random to unintentionally mismatch something because it's on sale. 

It's one of those problems I can look back and laugh at now. And although I've been supporting and cultivating my own wardrobe for years...she still enjoys buying an item here and there just for kicks (despite any resistance). 

The best part is that it's almost always something I'd never pick myself. 

For instance, recently, she brought home a pair of floral leggings. Although I am legging-obsessed (leggings = pants all the way!), I'd never actually buy a pair of floral leggings. They're loud, bold and a little too look-at-me with giant floral, colorful print.

She found this particular pair in the junior's section of Sears. It's safe to say, they are in style. My mom's picks are a fun way to challenge myself to style something I'd never normally wear.

After doing some meticulous fashion research, here are three ways I plan to sport my new floral leggings:

1. Dress it Up: Blazer

Dress it Up: Blazer
Oasis shirt, / Topshop boyfriend blazer / Floral print pants, / Tory Burch platform sandals / Colorblock handbag

2. Dress it Down: White-Tee

Dress it Down: White Tee

 Victoria Beckham crop tee / Full Tilt floral print pants / J.Crew sandals / Lori's Shoes crossbody handbag

3. Wear it Flirty: Chiffon Neutral Top 

Dress it Flirty
Forever 21 top / Oasis metallic handbag

Would you ever try hopping on board with the floral leggings trend? If so, tell me how you'll style it! Until next time...

    * <3 Ritika 

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