April 5, 2013

A Beautiful Adventure: UCR Botanical Gardens

This past weekend, we got together to explore every inch of Riverside's most hidden, wonderful gem: The beautiful UCR Botanical Gardens. This was a really special experience because UCR is our alma mater. In fact...just down the hill and one street over...you'll find the Aberdeen & Inverness dorm, where our friendship first blossomed almost 6 years ago.
Back then, we were too busy transitioning into college life to take full advantage of this serene landscape until this day. Better late than never :)

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The Botanical Garden is a huge 40 acres with over 3,500 plant species preserved and well-kept. Notable favorites: The Rose Garden, Lavender & blooming California golden Poppies! Our dislikes: the many different colored lizards racing in nearly every shrub...though the garden was worth it! Browse our favorite photos above. With this post, we hope to inspire you to stop and smell the roses in your local garden too...

  . . . Love, Mimi & Ritika

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