April 18, 2013

Copy that Cat: Zooey Deschanel

P o s t . b y    l    M i m i   

Everyone has their own unique signature look, that when perfected, makes their best features shine. Zooey Deschanel, in my opinion, perfects her signature look with her vintage girly-girl outfits and quirky personality. What I also admire and adore about her, is her outlook on styling and saving; She discovered her signature looks by hitting up thrift stores and now created online community for virtually anyone to contribute tips, tricks, DIYs and more, to "inspire a smile" at HelloGiggles.com about fashion and life.

In this edition of Copy that Cat, I created 3 looks inspired by Zooey:

a. mint green cardigan b. peter-pan collar blouse c. santeen shorts d. peep-toe heels

Her quirky personality shines through her unique style from head to toe. This outfit is perfect for those casual spring and summer days.

a. leopard print eyeglasses  b. maroon blouse c. skater skirt d. heart-shaped purse

Even on the TV show New Girl, the costume stylist keeps Zooey's style in tact with fun preppy dresses, blouses, skirts and cardigans.

a. navy blue dress b. red belt c. black clutch d. black kitten heels

 Now, I'll leave you with one of my favorite styling quote by Zooey~
"Style isn't when you buy yourself the most expensive things, it's being creative and able to put together what you've collected." 

a l w a y s   . x . o .
                       . . . M i m i  

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  1. love her style! think im going to wear the first style on monday :)


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