April 9, 2013

The Bold Bubble Necklace (& Variations)

P o s t . b y    l   R i t i k a

The bubble necklace has been extremely trendy in the last year or so...it makes a statement and adds a burst of color to any outfit. I absolutely love the bubble necklace -- but I can understand the slight apprehension that some fashion bloggers have expressed about this particular trend.

Some stylists worry that the necklace loses its punchy, "wow" factor when all too often, there are three other women wearing the same original J-Crew bubble necklace (found much cheaper here) in a given fashionable room. Not much a statement then is it?

Still, if you love the look -- keep its popularity in mind. If we think about how to personalize this trendy piece in a way that looks different than everyone else -- the bold bubble necklace can be a unique look. Here are different variations of the bib-style bubble necklace:

First off, here's my current obsession:

This three-toned bold color from Fashion Love can dress up any plain tank or dress. It's somewhat similar to the original J-crew bubble necklace with a shorter, multicolored, more delicate string.

Here's a more glam version of the one above. The diamonds and fourth color add a whole new dimension to this fancy bubble bib necklace found on Minusey.


The BubbleJewellery on Etsy has some awesome, unique variations. I love this orange statement necklace because it's detailed, but not a huge, wide bib.

How adorable is this sunny, triangle bubble necklace found on Etsy?
This can be paired with almost any spring outfit. 

Okay so this isn't a "bubble necklace" per say -- but it has the bubble effect in a flower shape. Both floral and geometric shapes are a great variation of the bubble necklace. This one's found at Macy's.

Do you have a favorite bubble or statement necklace? Please do share! 
Until next Tuesday...

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