April 11, 2013

Friends Run or Dye Together

P o s t . b y    l    M i m i   

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of joining some of my co-workers and friends in San Diego  at the Qualcomm stadium for the most colorful 5k event in the world - 'Run or Dye'. 


I've always been a little sporty (tennis) but definitely not the type who loves to run miles let alone participating in a  5k event. On the other hand, Run or Dye (and many other events like this one) was definitely made for someone like me! It combined a little bit of fitness with a lot of fun! It was not mandatory to run, so for those non-runners , like me ,  you can walk, jog or even dance the whole 5k!

clean...but not for long

Everyone at this event was very nice and friendly! Sharing was caring! It was almost like everyone here - whether you knew them or not - were friends. No hard feelings were ever felt when some random strangers came and doused you with color dyes, actually it was more like 'Thank you!'.

'Wii not fit' before the run

Creativity was practically flying through the air! Lots of people came dressed up. Some of my favorites were the wedding dresses, full on suits, white onesies, and lots and lots of tutus. 

. definitely stole the spotlight . the cutest little fairy there .

Hands down the best 5k run I ever did. If only P.E class was like this!
Get up, grab your friends and family members, and try one of the many unique 5k runs out there for yourselves! Whether its being powdered in all the colors of the rainbow, being chased by zombies, going through obstacles filled with mud, or many others, it will probably be the best 5k run you ever did.

a l w a y s   . x . o .
                       . . . M i m i  

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