April 16, 2013

Peggy Olson's Fashion Evolution in 'Mad Men'

P o s t . b y    l   R i t i k a

“I don’t think anyone wants to be one of a hundred colors in a box"

These are some wise words from Peggy Olson, who has come a long way since she first made this bold remark in the first season of Mad Men. It was a memorable moment. When all the women in the office were given the opportunity to pick a shade of lipstick as part of an ad campaign research, Peggy was the only one who didn't scour the colors to grab one--any one. She declined.

"They don't have my color," she said defiantly, but respectfully.

It was arguably at this point, when she first voiced her unique opinion that allowed her to chart her own course from being an ordinary secretary of season one to a high-powered ad woman of season six.  

Her sensible wit, determination and unabashed courage helps her truly evolve as a woman both in her career and personal life. And as we're getting into season six of the show, I couldn't help but notice that Peggy's wardrobe evolved right alongside her. 

Let's take a look at season 1:

Season 1

Remember this Peggy? This totally captures innocent, fun-loving Peggy of season one (remember her hook-up with Pete?) This waist line isn't at all flattering on Peggy. It makes sense, at this point, even she didn't know her potential quite just yet. 

Season 2

Here's Peggy getting a major, much-needed change in her hair style. For the entire first season to this moment, Peggy was always sporting a tight, stiff ponytail (with nonsensical bangs). Here, she finally changes to a more modern '60s bob.

Season 3

By season three, Peggy's doing the wonder woman pose! (Check out this Ted Talk on confidence through posture). The confidence is oozing out of style, expression and posture. Her plaid dress is form-fitted & flattering!

season 4
Here, Peggy is full-fledged feminine. Her silk floral blouse and matching earrings are very age-appropriate. 

Season 5
Look at Peggy... happy to be just one of the guys...in her mod, sleek turtleneck dress. Very Twiggy. It flatters her shape and makes her look very business professional. 

Season 6

Here's Peggy in her plum dress topped with a highly-feminine and colorful scarf. Once again in her high-powered wonder woman pose...Peggy flaunts her mature femininity. Of course, the road isn't all downhill from here for Peggy. With her new position as the head of creative at a competing agency, it looks like Peggy has a lot more hurdles to overcome in this male-dominated era.
 At least she's doing it in style! 

Have you been rooting for Peggy throughout the Mad Men series?

'Til next time! 

    *<3 Ritika 

*All photos courtesy of AMC

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