March 26, 2013

SPRING BREAK! 5 Road Trip Tips & Tricks

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Spring Break is the perfect opportunity to get on the road, de-stress and embark on a mini journey! It has been nearly two years since graduation (whoa..time flies). While it's true that I no longer get to enjoy a week of pure, carefree spring break bliss, I love planning blissful getaway weekends here and there. 

Just last weekend, my cousins and I traveled from southern California to the Bay Area for my cousin's wedding reception and loved every minute of it!

Having returned from such a long road trip, I thought I'd offer up some must-have tips and tricks that I love or wish I knew about before! Whether you're planning a trip across the country, getting ready for Coachella, or just a getaway weekend to a nearby neighborhood, whatever you do, don't leave home without...

1. Mastering the "Art of Packing"

+Lifehacker posted this awesome 1:24 minute video of the best tips on the best way to fold your clothes and keep them wrinkle-free, courtesy of Louis Vuitton. Check it out:

2. Day to Night Outfits

I'm a huge fan of packing light. It's way more fun to try and challenge yourself in creating new outfits with limited pieces of versatile clothing than to burden yourself with too many choices. Plus, you'll be happier without lugging a heavy load. Check the weather, and carefully choose pieces that you can mix and match. 

In fact, +H&M just posted their favorite road trip looks. Super cute:

3. Bento Lunch Box

Skip the gross fast food on your drive. Pack a convenient Bento Lunch Box with your favorites! It's so neatly organized, it'll keep your food fresh and it's reusable.

4. Sunscreen, Aloe & Water

Don't neglect your skin! Bring plenty of sunscreen, aloe & bottled water for your trip. Last spring, the Consumer Report tested and ranked the best sunscreen for 2012. 

No-Ad lotion with aloe & vitamin E came out as a winner. (I hadn't heard of that one!)

5. Download the Best Road Trip Apps

Kiplinger, a top personal finance blog, has put together a great, handy list of 11 Great Apps for Road Trips. Check out my top 3 must-have apps (and don't forget your car charger!):

  • Gas Buddy -- for the cheapest gas around
  • Goby -- for nearby food, lodging or whatever you need!
  • Hotel Tonight -- allows you to book dirt cheap rooms that were left unused by hotels.

Were any of these tips helpful? Let me know your next road trip adventure & your favorite tips and tricks as well in the comment below!

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