March 21, 2013

Copy that Cat : Pretty Little Liars Outfits

   P o s t . b y    l    M i m i       
It's Thursday - almost Friday!  Let me share with you some affordable and wearable looks inspired by the Pretty Little Liars cast from Entertainment Weekly's March 1, 2013 issue.      

a. lace dress $40  b. arrow spike necklace $7 c. interlinked bangles $5 d. lace ribbon heels $28

a. lace shirt-dress $28 b. patent peep toe wedge $33 c. heart cut-out belt $4  d. metal rings $5

a. mint peplum top $15  b. platform sandals $21 c. peter pan collar $5 d. scallop skirt $23 e. gold plate belt $26

a. leopard print dress $21 b. rectangle bracelet watch $20 c. platform pumps $25

Let us know whose look did you like the most and whose your favorite PLL! Pretty Little Liars just had their spring season's finale on Tuesday! Can't wait till June 11! 

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                       . . . M i m i  


  1. i <3 the peplum top! jcp is getting so trendy nowadays!

    1. I agree Patricia! JCP has really stepped up their game with the younger crowds! It's all due to them re-vamping their brand recently.


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