March 30, 2013

Scrumptious Saturday: Christopher Michael Ice Cream

Nutella . Fresh Mint Chip . Double Scoop . Ice Cream 

Its not summer yet but the temperature reached about 85 degrees Fahrenheit the other day (~ 29 degrees Celsius) here in southern California. On these more than warm spring days, when our tastes buds screams "ICE CREAM!", Christopher Michael Ice Cream is here to save the day! Their selections of handcrafted organic ice cream flavors, waffle sandwiches, and chocolates  are... heavenly!

Turkey Day Waffle Sandwich
Ice Cream Flavors

Depending on the season and availability of ingredients, their ice cream flavor selections varies. Still, any of their originally crafted ice creams are as equally delightful to the next. 

Whether it is hot outside, feeling down inside, or your taste buds yearning for something cold, sweet and/or savory, this dainty ice cream parlour has the solution!

Head over to Christopher Michael Ice cream (or your favorite ice cream parlour) now! 

. . . Locations . . .
.  Corona, CA  . . . Costa Mesa, CA .

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