March 19, 2013

Macarons, multicolored delicacies

P o s t . b y    l   R i t i k a
As we flow into spring and let go of warm hues & comfort food, this time of year makes me appreciate the mood-lifting qualities of all things multicolored. Mimi's beautiful shots of  pink and yellow cherry blossoms from her garden inspired me to [...] 

...adore a few of my favorite colorful joys. 
French Macarons are by far a top indulgence -- they are bursts of delectable flavors and come in more colors than you might imagine! These delicasies are from Los Angeles' very own patisserie,

                            left to right: matcha green tea, rose, raspberry & jam, espresso, salted caramel 

Bottega Louie, thankfully, brings Paris to LA. 
Still, I'm dying to try the world-famous Ladurée Tea Salon, where the Macaron 
as we know it came to be.    
Fifteen thousand Ladurée Macarons are sold daily! 
The original Macaron was a lifeless, plain almond-based cookie sold at Louis Ernest Ladurée's simple bakery. One day, Ladurée's second cousin Pierre Desfontaines spread a delicious ganache filling between two Macaron shells. 
And just like that, the reinvented, luxurious Macaron & the Parisian Tea Salon were born! 

Though the chain is global, the only Ladurée shop in the US is located in New York. 
In fact, visiting the elegant Ladurée Shop is on my must-see list for my upcoming trip to New York booked for mid-May.
 I'm looking forward to sharing many more posts with you on upcoming exciting travels, delicacies, adoring photographs and much, much more! 


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