May 11, 2013

DIY Bow Hair Tyes and Clips

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Latest obsession:  Bows! From wearing them in my hair to tying presents in bows! Not only are they great accessories for girls of all ages, but they also look dashing on most guys with collared shirts! There are so many ways to dress up and dress down bows that makes them so versatile and fun to play with.

Today, I wanted to share my this obsession with you guys through a small DIY! ...So, let's get started!

 . . . Materials needed . . . 

Fabric scraps (at least 5" x 7")
Glue Gun or Sewing Kit
Hair Clip or Hair Tye

Cut your fabric into two pieces : One piece 4" x 7" and the other 1" x 3".
2. Working with the 4" x 7". Fold in 1/2" the raw edges of the longer side. 

Now, fold the other raw edges together and glue them together.
This is what you should end up with.

Pinch the middle together & glue together. Don't worry if the glue is visible because we will hide this. 
Now using the 1" x 3" glue hot dog style as well.. Now we have the middle strip.
Using a hair tye:

Glue the hair tie to the back side. It will be a little flimsy but we will secure it soon.
Using the strip, wrap around the middle and over the hair tye like above.

Viola, we are done! Wasn't that  easy?
For a Clip: 

After completing the bow, just glue onto a clip. Remember to glue down the sides as well so the bow stays in place. 

There are endless amounts of possibilities with bows! You can add them to other things like hairbands, shirts, rings, backpacks, hats, and etc. Show us a picture or leave us a comment letting us know how you accessorize with bows! & if you liked this tutorial, check out our fabric bow headband as well!

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