September 19, 2013

Springing into Fall with Floral Leggings

P o s t . b y    l    R i t i k a

Last spring, the feature on 3 Ways to Wear Floral Leggings was part of a mini-challenge to discover a brand new element in wardrobe and style.
I took an item I'd never choose myself and styled it to my unique liking. Seriously, it's an amazing exercise to expand your fashion palette.

On the hanger, the floral leggings that inspired my challenge are pretty bold.
Maybe even a little hey-look-at-me!

But to my pleasant surprise, trading in the good old classic black legging for a floral print gave my look a zesty splash of change. And that's what spring is all about.

Paired with a muted top, patterned pants are incredibly striking, yet flattering. Why stick to the plain, boring leggings or jeans when you can switch it up with punchy pants?

My favorite way to style floral leggings is #3 in my postWear it Flirty: Chiffon Top. 

blue rayon crepe tunic // bongo floral leggings // target's metallic silver sandals

We SoCal folks can still sport our favorite easy summery sandals, breezy tunics and leggings for at least another few weeks or so. Mother Nature seems to be taking her time with fall.

I usually prefer floral patterns in pretty pastels, muted colors and finer prints with an ethereal vibe. These leggings, gifted by my mom, have enormously bold patterns and colors that truly made my eyes shift at first.
 Hence, I'd never choose them myself!

As I mentioned in my last post on floral leggings, my mom is endearingly clueless about fashion. Every back-to-school season growing up was a hodgepodge of mismatched colors and patterns. 
If it was on sale, modest and clean--it was cool with her! 

So, my love for clothes bloomed a little later in life. To this day, she insists on picking out a couple pieces once or twice a year just for old time's sake! 
This inspired my little challenge of styling something unusual to my wardrobe--
and I'm loving this new look!
 Now, I'm obsessed with my floral leggings and I can't add them to my rotation enough! 
Unfortunately, they're too memorable for me to wear consecutively. 

Typically, my mom's occasional picks end up nestled on the customer service counter waiting to be returned. But, this fun little challenge encouraged me to style these bold floral leggings 
in a way that complimented my unique taste!

To style it perfectly I needed to find the perfect tunic:

-Hues: basic and neutral; not too matchy-matchy with floral colors
-Length: well below the waist so that you can balance the bold pattern
-Material: light and easy fabric (rayon or sheer)

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