October 16, 2013

How to Avoid Looking Awkward in a Midi Skirt

P o s t . b y    l    R i t i k a

Midi skirts are tough to style. They're in that awkward length between maxi and pencil-skirt...grazing your calves.

Midis come in all sorts of fabrics & styles, from high-waist, circle, ethereal, a-line and more!

According to the Daily.Uk, "Asos has just reported a 200 percent rise in midi sales on this time last year." Wowza. I'm all for midis...in magazines and style blogs midi outfits always look both classy and trendy.

But unlike the easier, classic cuts (pencil-skirts and maxis), the awkward length of the midi length skirt can unintentionally highlight your shins (not the most flattering feature).

Pictured on the left is my attempt at styling a midi skirt. I'm wearing a thrifted Free People midi length skirt and a black crop top from Urban Outfitters with a pair of sandals (this was taken at Malibu, pier, where sandals are green lit year-round!).

I like the way the flowy skirt contrasts the tight-fitted, short top...

Here's what to avoid when wearing midi skirts, based on some research & experimentation:
  •  Round toe -- This length is much more flattering with a pointed toe, whether flats, heels or wedges. Heels and a point will help elongate your legs, making the midi look like the perfect, modern length! I'd avoid boots because I think covering ankle will highlight the shins. This can look pretty stumpy.
  • Too much fabric -- If you've got a pleated midi, for instance, pairing that with a high turtle neck top is just way too much fabric. My favorite is the high-waisted midi with a crop top. It works for west coast fall. I've also seen cute crop sweaters that work well too. I think the crop look is popularily paired with midis because it prevents the risk of looking over-draped in your modestly long skirt.
 Also, here are my two favorite ways to style a midi skirt via Polyvore:

                The Modern Belle

    The Professionally Polished

The Professional Polished

Do you like the midi skirt look?

      * <3 Ritika 

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