September 10, 2013

Festival Food & Fun: Outside Lands 2013

 P o s t . b y    l   R i t i k a

Every year, the Golden Gate Park in San Francisco turns into a huge 3-stage concert venue as the setting for Outside Lands!

 Three days of nonstop concerts, uphill jaunts, favorite bands, new bands, picnics, exploring the whimsically-decorated park, bearing the port-a-potty situation, winning a few prizes, Wine Land-ing and dining at highly-rated gourmet food stands.

In order to truly relax and enjoy the park, it's important to come prepared! The weather is a grab bag of every temperature -- so dressing is no easy feat. 
It's slightly warmer in the day, freezing at night and downright sweaty in the crowds.
Luckily, I was prepared since this was my second year attending.

Here are some helpful hints for next year's festivities :)....

Helpful Hints

* I wore many maxi skirts (LOVE them) with leggings (this trick saved me!). *
* I loved wearing flowy, breathable and danceable outfits *
* Lots of warm layers is a given. *
* Comfy, warm shoes (we must have walked 10 miles this weekend) *
*Bring your own 1-liter of water per person
*Renting a locker is really smart! Buy it online early (they go really fast) to store big jackets, hats, etc.
*Come with snacks to avoid spending too much money from vendors
*Check out the games to get free stuff, like free food from on-site vendors
*Sprint users: prepare for terrible cell service! :)*

Festival Food

Outside Lands' food is no ordinary street food fair. All of the vendors were tasted, tested and approved. It's quite a coveted spot for chefs and foodies alike!

potato &  garlic pesto pizza from Spicy Pie, gourmet pizza

vegetarian noodles from the filipino food truck, Senor Sisig
Inside the Wine Lands tent
 My favorite is Wine Lands (above), a huge tent filled with rows of local wineries propped up to tell you all about their handmade, unique wines. 
You can taste as many as you want for $2-$3 for a nice, generous helping. 

Just for Fun Festival Photos


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