July 16, 2013

Korean Fashion is Dainty, Detailed and Divine!

P o s t . b y    l   R i t i k a
Molangg Tumblr 
Lately I've been inspired and intrigued by Korean fashion. I started fancying their style ever since I stumbled upon a brand new quaint boutique called Alice's in my parent's hometown of Hacienda Heights, CA.

The owner, Alice, is very cordial and explained that she takes a trip to Korea once every 1-2 months to handpick new trends, styles and accessories and display in them in her store. I just loved everything. The clothes are so much more intricate than a typical American Forever 21 or even Nordstrom. It's pricey, but I think it's worth it.

You can find clothes here that no one else will have -- from dresses, maxi skirts, flannel shirts, tops, t-shirts, blazers and everything in between! The style is actually very similar and cohesive. It's very girly, preppy, detailed, whimsical and chic. Korean styles are also perfect for smaller frames (though Alice stocks for larger sizes mostly!).

I loved the collection so much that I insisted Mimi check it out. And she loved it too! In fact, we're planning on an upcoming collaborative post showcasing our awesome finds from Alice's. It's so new that it doesn't have a proper Yelp page yet. I'm going to change that!

Until we get a chance to get together and create a mini fashion show for you all, here are some of the similar Korean styles I found around the web. Note the intricate details!

 Hye-Jun Tumblr

I love the brown, black and white mix of neutrals.
It's probably one of the few black dressed I'd ever wear in the summer!

 Molang Tumblr

That lace trimming is to die for. 
NY Mag

None of these are my personal taste-- but I love it from afar!
Top Stock Photos

Outdoor tea party ready!

Ah, pool time bliss in this half sheer maxi! 

How cool is this tiger necklace dress?! Love the way it flutters while maintaining an edge!

Do you have a favorite Korean-inspired look? Please do share! And look out for an upcoming post from Mimi & I to share our fabulous finds from Alice's!

    *<3 Ritika 

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